Refurbished iPads

Having made its initial debut in 2010, Apple's iPad has since evolved to include a variety of sizes and models. By purchasing a refurbished model, shoppers can save hundreds off original retail prices. From iPad Airs to mini tablets, there are a variety of models to choose from. Looking for new iPads? Check out the latest models in our iPad Price Guide.

Available Configurations     Discount
iPad 2 (64GB) AT&T Black Refurb $729.00 $229.99 $499.01
iPad 3 (16GB) AT&T White Refurb $629.00 sold out $0.00
iPad Air (16GB) LTE Space Gray Refurb $629.00 sold out $0.00
iPad Air 2 (16GB) Wi-Fi Silver Refurb $499.00 $289.99 $209.01