Apple TV 4K Prices

Apple TV 4K with silver Siri Remote

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Updated on October 18, 2022, the Apple TV 4K (Late 2022) is equipped with the A15 Bionic chip and comes in two capacities: 64GB and 128GB. The 64GB model has WiFi only, but the 128GB spec has WiFi + Ethernet capability.

Apple TV prices have been reduced in 2022, with the 64GB model priced at $129 and the 128GB model retailing for $149. Deals on the current set-top box, as well as closeout discounts, can be found in this Price Guide.

Available Configurations                 Discount
64GB (Wi-Fi, 2022 Model) $129.00 $147.95$129.00$129.00$125.99$129.99$119.00n/a $10.00
128GB (Wi-Fi + Ethernet, 2022 Model) $149.00 $168.50n/a n/a n/a n/a $149.00n/a $0.00
32GB (2021 Release) $179.00 $129.95sold outn/a sold outsold out$179.00sold out $49.05
64GB (2021 Release) $199.00 $134.95

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n/a sold outsold out$199.00sold out $64.05
32GB (Previous Model) $179.00 $179.00sold outsold outsold outsold outn/a n/a $0.00
Apple Siri Remote (2nd Generation) $59.00 $59.95n/a n/a sold out$59.99sold outsold out $0.00
Apple Siri Remote for Apple TV 4K and 4th Gen Apple TV $59.00 $59.95sold outn/a sold outn/a n/a n/a $0.00

Apple TV 4K Prices

Available ConfigurationsBest PriceDiscount
64GB (Wi-Fi, 2022 Model)$119.00 $10.00
128GB (Wi-Fi + Ethernet, 2022 Model) $149.00 $0.00
32GB (2021 Release)$129.95 $49.05
64GB (2021 Release)$134.95 $64.05
32GB (Previous Model)$179.00 $0.00
Apple Siri Remote (2nd Generation)$59.00 $0.00
Apple Siri Remote for Apple TV 4K and 4th Gen Apple TV$59.00 $0.00