10.2-inch iPad Prices (Late 2020)

iPad 8th Generation prices

Retail iPad 8th Generation prices start at $329 (USD), but Apple resellers regularly offer discounts on even new iPad models so be sure to bookmark this Price Guide for up-to-date iPad deals and the lowest prices across Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular capabilities.

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Available Configurations                 Discount
Apple Pencil $99.00 $109.99$98.99$99.00$99.99$99.00$94.00$99.00 $5.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $329.00 sold out$269.00sold out$329.99$316.00$329.00sold out $60.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Silver $329.00 $329.00$269.00$329.00$329.99$316.00$329.00sold out $60.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Gold $329.00 $329.00$269.00$329.00$280.99$316.00$329.00sold out $60.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $459.00 $459.00$269.00$429.00$459.99$439.00$459.00sold out $190.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Silver $459.00 $499.00$459.00$459.00$459.99$439.00$459.00sold out $20.00
32GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Gold $459.00 $459.00$299.00$459.00$459.99$439.00$459.99sold out $160.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $429.00 $429.00$359.00$429.00$429.99$403.00$429.00sold out $70.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Silver $429.00 $429.00$429.00$429.00$429.99$403.00$428.99sold out $26.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi Only) Gold $429.00 $429.00$359.00$429.00$429.99$403.00$429.00sold out $70.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $559.00 $589.00$599.00$559.00$559.99$525.00$559.00sold out $34.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Silver $559.00 $559.00$555.99$559.00$559.99$525.00$559.00sold out $34.00
128GB iPad (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Gold $559.00 $559.00$399.00$559.00$419.99$525.00$559.00sold out $160.00