iPad mini 6 Prices (Late 2021)

iPad mini 6 in Purple

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Apple's 2021 iPad mini 6 was announced on September 14, 2021, with many exciting updates, including inclusion of the A15 Bionic chip, support for the second-generation Apple Pencil and USB-C charging. Available in four colors in your choice of Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity, retail prices start at $499 (USD) for 64GB capacity and $649 for 256GB. The latest iPad deals are at your fingertips in this Price Guide, with seasonal savings expected on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Available Configurations                 Discount
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $499.00 $499.00$519.99$499.00sold out$499.99sold outsold out $0.00
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Pink $499.00 $499.00$523.04$499.00$479.04$499.99sold outsold out $19.96
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Purple $499.00 $499.00$499.00$499.00$479.04$499.99sold out$509.00 $19.96
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Starlight $499.00 $499.00$524.95$499.00$479.04$474.00sold out$499.00 $25.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $649.00 place order$670.00$649.00$623.04$649.99sold out$649.00 $25.96
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Pink $649.00 $649.00$668.95$629.00$623.04$649.99sold out$649.00 $25.96
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Purple $649.00 $649.00$678.97$629.00$623.04$617.00sold out$639.00 $32.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Starlight $649.00 $649.00$649.00$649.00$623.04$649.99sold out$629.00 $25.96
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $649.00 $649.00$678.00$649.00$623.04$649.99sold out$649.00 $25.96
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Pink $649.00 $649.00$668.94$649.00$623.04$499.99sold out$649.00 $149.01
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Purple $649.00 $649.00$680.76$629.00$623.04$649.99sold outsold out $25.96
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Starlight $649.00 $649.00$680.76$649.00sold out$599.00sold outsold out $50.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $799.00 $799.00$799.00$799.00$767.04$799.99sold out$789.00 $31.96
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Pink $799.00 $799.00$819.94$759.00$767.04$749.00sold outsold out $50.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Purple $799.00 $799.00$799.00$799.00$767.04$799.99sold out$799.00 $31.96
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Starlight $799.00 $799.00$828.95$799.00$767.04$749.00sold out$799.00 $50.00