Mac Pro 16-Core (Late 2019)

Available Configurations           Discount
Mac Pro 16C (3.2GHz, 32GB, 256GB, 580X) $7,999.00 $7,999.00 n/a place order n/a $0.00
Mac Pro 16C (3.2GHz, 48GB, 1TB, 580X) $8,699.00 n/a n/a $8,199.00 n/a $500.00
Mac Pro 16C (3.2GHz, 96GB, 2TB, Vega II) $12,199.00 n/a n/a $11,199.00

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n/a $1,000.00
Mac Pro 16C (3.2GHz, 32GB, 1TB, Vega II) $10,799.00 n/a n/a $10,299.00 n/a $500.00