10.9-inch iPad Air 5 Prices (Early 2022)

iPad Air 5 in Starlight

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The iPad Air 5 made its debut on stage during the March 8, 2022 "Peek Performance" Apple Event. It retains a similar form factor to its predecessor, but it's been beefed up considerably with Apple's M1 chip. Its new 8-core CPU offers a 60 percent boost to performance, and its 8-core GPU bolsters its graphical performance to make it twice as fast as the iPad Air 4. The new iPad Air 5 also features a new Ultra Wide 12-megapixel camera with Center Stage, a feature that automatically pans to ensure users are in view while moving around. It retains the same 12-megapixel rear camera as the previous iPad as well. It's available in Space Gray, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Starlight color options in your choice of Wi-Fi Only or Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity. Retail iPad Air 5 pricing starts at $599 and tops out at $899, with the best iPad deals offering double-digit and triple-digit discounts on the iPad range.

Available Configurations               Discount
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $599.00 $599.00$549.00$549.00$599.99sold out$594.99 $50.00
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Starlight $599.00 $599.00$559.00$559.00$599.99sold out$549.00 $50.00
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Blue $599.00 $599.00$559.00$549.00$599.99sold out$559.00 $50.00
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Pink $599.00 $599.00$559.00$549.00$599.99$569.05$599.00 $50.00
64GB (Wi-Fi Only) Purple $599.00 place order$559.00$599.00$599.99sold out$569.00 $40.00
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $749.00 $749.00$669.00$749.00$711.99sold out$743.00 $80.00
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Starlight $749.00 $749.00$669.00$749.00$711.99$711.50$729.00 $80.00
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Blue $749.00 $749.00$669.00$749.00$711.99$711.50$744.00 $80.00
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Pink $749.00 $749.00$669.00place order$711.99$711.55n/a $80.00
64GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Purple $749.00 $749.00$669.00$749.00$711.99$711.50n/a $80.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Space Gray $749.00 $749.00$711.99sold out$711.99sold out$699.00 $50.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Starlight $749.00 $749.00$711.99sold out$711.99sold out$748.00 $37.01
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Blue $749.00 $749.00$711.99$709.00$711.99$711.50$729.00 $40.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Pink $749.00 $749.00$711.99$699.00$711.99sold out$749.00 $50.00
256GB (Wi-Fi Only) Purple $749.00 $749.00$711.99$749.00$711.99$711.50n/a $37.50
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Space Gray $899.00 $899.00$819.00$899.00$854.99$854.05n/a $80.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Starlight $899.00 $899.00$819.00$899.00$854.99$854.05$879.00 $80.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Blue $899.00 $899.00$819.00$899.00$854.99sold out$899.00 $80.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Pink $899.00 $899.00$819.00$899.00$854.99$854.05sold out $80.00
256GB (Wi-Fi + Cellular) Purple $899.00 $899.00$819.00$899.00$854.99sold out$890.00 $80.00